Luz's experience ranges from creating small promotional videos for local companies to overseeing and producing films, web series and television shows. Luz has completed an array of creative projects; Nick & Ophelia (2018), The Devils' Ball (2019) and Sing To Me (2019). She is currently in pre-production of a new web series called PAlette: Exploring the Colors of Pennsylvania (2022). She is also a narrative editor and has worked on several projects around the US and within her local community. She is an advocate for the arts and strives to foster young talent to help them develop their professional skills  and take them beyond what they can imagine is possible. Luz holds a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation and a Master of Arts in Communication Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Julian is an extremely talented artist. He can come up with ideas on the spot and follow through with concept art, illustrations and copy. His exceptional creations can be turned into animations, books, merchandise and branding tools to better market your business. He also has a talent for writing by turning ideas into powerful stories. He is a traditional pencil and paper artist who loves working in traditional media and bringing his creations to the digital world. He has an abundance of Screenplays ready to be turned into films, television shows and web series. He wrote and produced Nick & Ophelia (2018), The Devils' Ball (2019) and Sing To Me (2019). He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and A Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting.


Carissima Hodovanec is a successful business owner and producer. She owns and operates Freez Photobooth and manages all marketing and social media accounts.