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Jerry Roe has worked as a free lance photographer/cinematographer/videographer since 1968. After attending The "Famous Photographers School" of Westport, Connecticut, () He started his formal career in 35MM, medium format and 4X5 still photography as well as 16MM cinematography, Beta cam and digital video production. His specialties include; Interior and exterior architectural illustration, project progress and continuity photography. As well as special events, corporate functions, weddings and formal portraits. He worked on a camera crew for North Bergen N.J. community cable TV from 1972-1977 covering community news; high school sports events and town social events. He worked with Levolor Lorenzen producing proprietary training films, high speed and thermal image videos for their engineering dept. In 1974, he Founded- “Pieces of Eight Productions”. His films include; “On Every Sunday” 1974, a short documentary about the sport of Go-Karting.“ “At The Zoo” 1979, is a short documentary showing children’s first interactions with animals in a petting zoo. After a long hiatus from indie film-making, Jerry has returned with his Latest productions. “Who Are the People?” 2015, is a documentary that examines the connection between corporate interests, the US government and the media. “Antonio’s Journey” 2016, is a documentary about an orphaned immigrant’s pursuit of the American dream. Jerry is currently in pre-production of his first feature length narrative... "Righteous Among Men" which he has written and will be directing. In 1977, Jerry developed and patented a vertical multi-reel Super 8 post production system. Patent # 4,136,936.

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