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Art Director / Graphic Designer / Filmmaker / Production Designer

Desiree Zielinski is a graphic designer, artist, and filmmaker born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Marywood University. She began her career working in advertising and currently works as Art Director at a local marketing and advertising agency. She continues to see herself improve and grow as an artist. Experiencing new opportunities and pushing the creative envelope when she can.

She has always been interested in the Entertainment Industry. She loves movies and all the behind the scenes stuff. Not to mention she is an avid Star Wars fan. She has helped on local independent film productions as well. Doing anything the production needs assistance with from production assistant to script supervisor to production design.



  • 2021: Tenth Dimension (Film Short)


  • 2017: The Other Half (Film Short)

Graphic Artist

  • 2018: American Hasi

  • 2018: Bad Intentions

  • 2018: Charlie Chaplin's Body

  • 2018: Midnight Snack (Film Short)

  • 2018: Power Lines

  • 2018: Saint of Darkness

  • 2017: The Other Half (Film Short)

  • 2016: Routine Procedures (Film Short)

  • 2016: Scary Floating Thing (Film Short)

  • 2011: WNEP 16 The News Station

Production Designer

  • 2018: The Road Less Traveled (Film Short)

  • 2017: The Other Half (Film Short)

Production Assistant

  • 2018: Mission Yoga Commercial

  • 2018: The Injured Digit (Script Supervisor)

  • 2017: "At The Drive-In" Commercial, Toyota of Scranton

  • 2017: Checking Inn

  • 2017: Mystery Box Film Challenge (Northeast Pennsylvania Film Festival)

  • 2016: Catcophany (Film Short - Grip/Gaffer)

  • 2016: Nailed It (Film Short) (Script Supervisor)

  • 2016: Round Two (Film Short - Actress)

  • 2016: The Chain EP 103

  • 2015: Solacium (Film) (Script Supervisor)

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Desiree Zielinski

Desiree Zielinski

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