We take pride in all the creative projects make. Our body of work ranges from Films, Television Shows, Web Series , Reality TV, Documentaries Animation and Promotional Spots. Take a look at the work we have completed and the projects we have in development. We are proud to make work for individuals, small and big companies. We are proud of our local community and we aim to grow the film and creative arts one project at a time.  If you are looking to get a projects or idea off the ground, let us know, we have plenty of artists, filmmakers and writers in our team ready to help you make your vision come true.

 Completed/Festival Circuit

The Dunmore Cemetery Tour is an annual event every Fall in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

This documentary chronicles Julie Esty and The Dearly Departed struggles and successes of putting the event together.

SING TO ME (2019)
 Completed/Festival Circuit

A short film about the beautiful and intimate experience of two friends that use the power of love and friendship to help cope with loss and grief.

 Completed/Festival Circuit

Play a game, go to hell, meet The Devil..now what? The Devil's ball features a wide array of talented actors in Scranton, PA and Williamsport,PA. Shot in a real funeral home, that gave the look and feel the film needed at a minimal budget.

Proof of concept completed

Written as a full story book and an episodic web series. Computer boy "Peecey" and his best friend "Saundra" are two adventurous kids that remind us all of the beauty and simplicity of childhood. Follow us on instagram as we update every week with a new and funny comic.

PAISLEY'S PLACE (2016-2019)
Completed / Festival Circuit

Paisley has great imagination. She invites you to join her and her furry friends on adventures that are both educational for children and fun for adults. Watch the pilot "Paisley goes on a scavenger hunt" and stay tuned for more webisodes.

 Completed/Festival Circuit

Nick & Ophelia was filmed locally in the Scranton, PA area with all local talent and limited resources . Nick & Ophelia features Lloyd Kaufman, the iconic creator of The Toxic Avenger!

TO THE BONE (2014)
completed/ short film

A sane man fighting his inner insanity. Short film collaboration with DP Jason Belack. Short story from "Be afraid of the Dark" feature film currently in development.


The series is centered around three life long friends, Felicia, Flimbsy and Foulcon, and their uncanny ability to continuously fall one peg short of normalcy, in whatever situation they encounter.

Angstville was developed in the Fall of 2007 and completed in the Spring of 2009. Written by Julian Santos based on the Characters of talented Dennis Corrigan. Many long sleepless hours were put into this project developing scripts, storyboards, miniatures, puppets and filming. A great success to a small project that will live on forever in our hearts.



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